To start answer these two questions:

You tend to like furniture with decorative curves, rather than streamlined, straighter styles:


You love to fill your bookshelf with lots of objects, books, and accessories:

  • If you answered yes to both, skip to questions 11 through 20.
  • If you answered no to either or both, answer questions 1 through 10
  • Note: For questions 1 through 10, give yourself 1 point for all the A’s you answer, 2 points for all the B’s, 3 points for the C’s, 4 points for the D’s, and so on. Add up your points and jump to this page to see your results.

The First Thing You Do When You Get Home From Work Is

Pour yourself a warm cup of tea and curl up under your hand-knit white throw by the fireplace while you catch up on your favorite street-style bloggers.
Hang your Helmut Lang coat neatly in the coat closet, place your keys and sunglasses inside your entry console, and turn up the eclectic jazz music on your Bang Olufsen sound system.
Home? You’re more likely to peruse the newest art gallery opening before meeting up with friends for a late-night cocktail.
Take your shoes off, light a few candles, and wind down by meditating.
Put on your house slippers, pour yourself a whiskey on the rocks, and catch up on the latest in the New York Times.
Hang your vintage bike on your wall hook and continue accessorizing your reclaimed wood bookshelf with your latest flea market finds.

This object caught your eye at the flea market you do when you get home from work is

A hand-woven wall hanging.
An over scale black-and-white graphic print.
Lucite stacking boxes.
Vintage calligraphy brushes.
An iconic Platner stool.
Antique radio

A party at your place might look like this:

Lots of friends and family over to pour back a few glasses of juice and enjoy an array of desserts before moving on to the newest disco-tech loud music.
A few guests to enjoy a sampling of skillfully cooked concoctions by your friend who just opened up a nouveau cuisine restaurant.
Some friends enjoying light appetizers while taking in a new art piece that you’ve been working on.
Only the finest fresh sushi skillfully arranged on bamboo platters complete with jasmine green tea shots.
A cocktail party with fine cigars, and plenty of dapper men and women.
Opening your loft doors to anyone as long as they bring juice and desserts

Your favorite seat in the house would have to be:

Your wishbone chair that you inherited from your grandmother. Ever since you tossed a fur throw on it, it has become your happy place.
Sitting in your sun-soaked dining nook—the morning light hits it just right through the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows and it warms the space just perfectly.
SYour black Le Corbusier leather chair. You’ve had it forever and you could never get sick of its sleek lines.
Your teak lounger outside in your courtyard—the perfect place to watch the koi as they swim around in the pond.
Your lounge chair and ottoman after a long day of work at the office. It’s the perfect place to kick off your shoes and enjoy a good book.
Your vintage architect’s bar stool. Whenever you sit there you can’t help but think about all the different people who have loved it throughout the years.

You love shopping here for your home:

I already have enough stuff.
The nearest modern art museum store.
Your favorite Japanese store strange furniture.
Design Within Reach inspired from models on AlDecor group “Elbeit Elkbir”
The Decor and Interior Flea Market group.

Which two colors would you want to live with for the rest of your life?

Blue and white.
White and black.
Slate blue and burgundy.
Moss green and taupe.
Chartreuse and light peachy-pink.
Stone and iron.

The item most likely to sit pretty on your bookshelf is:

A hand-turned blond wood candlestick holder collection.
I like to keep my space clean and free of clutter.
A hand-blown glass vessel.
A vintage brass singing bowl from Tibet.
A teak serving tray.
Your great-grandfather’s typewriter.

You’d rather live here:

New York City.

Your favorite thing to do before you go to bed is to:

Curl up in front of the fire.
Your Facebook app on your phone or tablet.
Binge-watch the latest Netflix series on your big screen.
Smoke a cigar or sip on coffee.
Tinker with something.

Dressing up for you looks a little like:

A simple A-line dress—with pockets for function, obviously.
Something structured, classic, and memorable.
A piece that doesn’t call too much attention to itself: fitted, simple, and modest.
Anything linen comfortable, organic, soft, and flowy.
Something iconic and maybe adorned with a vintage brooch.
You’re not one for dressing up, but you always look cool: skinny jeans, a gray Tshirt, and a vintage cognac moto jacket.
  • Note: If you answered yes to the first two questions, start here. Give yourself 7 points for all the A’s you answer, 8 points for all the B’s, 9 points for the C’s, 10 points for the D’s, and so on. Tally up your points and flip to this page to see your results.

Your ideal ride is:

Restored 1951 Ford pickup.
Why ride when you can simply can Uber?
Fancy Bus ready for a road trip is great.
Rolls-Royce, outfitted with my own driver.
DeLorean, especially one that time-travels.
Jaguar, because it’s classic and beautiful.

You can’t get enough of this textile:

A natural cowhide rug.
A worn Turkish kilim.
An intricately detailed macramé tapestry.
A luxurious mohair pillow.
A graphic neon pillow.
A sumptuous cable knit throw.

Your Friday morning routine looks a little like this:

A walk around before the gumaa prayer.
A visit to the farmers’ market.
Dancing around in your pyjama.
Sleeping in because it is your day OFF.
A good phone chat with a friend.
Waking up to the sound and smell of sizzling beans (foul) and fried eggs and Tamia.

At the flea market, you’re probably eyeing this type of object:

An antler set that you can’t wait to hang on your wall.
A Moroccan wedding blanket—the perfect extra layer for your bed.
Retro string art, which looks cool in the right color palette.
A silky little number: a hot pink maxi dress from the thirties.
A sleek brass table lamp.
A linen wingback chair with upholstery in perfect condition. Yeah!

The plant most likely to grow in your living room is:

A tall potted cactus that looks plucked off a ranch.
A sprawling, jungle-like fiddle leaf fig.
A resilient, feathery plant.
Who has time to water plants?
A neon green, trailing ivy plant.
A classic spiral-shaped cedar topiary.

You’re likely to re-cover your favorite armchair in this fabric:

A soft off-white or beige linen weave.
A bright vintage Indian sari.
An oversized poppy floral print.
Luxurious velvet damask.
Sleek white leather.
Something with an Old World vibe, like a chinois Erie print.

You could live by this quote:

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort,”.
As advised: “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”
“I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day,” as said
“Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
you believe, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
“One is born with good taste. It’s very hard to acquire. You can acquire the patina of taste,” as noted

You’re ready to start a new collection. You start stocking up on:

A collection of oil paintings—all landscapes of quiet countrysides.
Antique Turkish and Moroccan textiles that remind you of your trip abroad.
Vintage and rattan baskets and accessories—you love the natural color and textures they bring to your room.
Luxe Lucite accessories or vintage fur—you find them irresistible.
Fun brass objects that bring a little bling home.
Antique plates and teapots—you’re always on the search for more of your grandmother’s wedding pattern.

Long day at work. You order this at the cafe:

Nothing fancy—Cappuccino should do it.
Ice Cream, or whatever comes with an umbrella so you can pretend you’re far, far away.
Make it cold coffee Frappuccino (you’re always a sucker for a throwback drink).
“Hommos Elsham “of course. You know exactly how to order it: extra spicy and a little dirty.
Oh, cafe in the first place, I would rather stay home.
Always a glass of their best drink.

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